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March 29, 2023

See Solar and Wildlife in Your Neighborhood

FPL SolarNow

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Spring is the best time of year to get outside, enjoy the mild weather and explore the many locations throughout the Sunshine State with exotic and native wildlife.

FPL SolarNow understands the importance of protecting our planet. Sunshine helps power our communities and future, but a better tomorrow also includes the conservation of wildlife. From zoos to aquariums to conservation centers, we partner with organizations throughout the state that know caring for our natural world today is the key to preserving it for our future.

This spring, we invite you to have fun at one of our many partner locations where you can be amazed by wildlife and see solar energy in action.

Take a Solar Safari

If you’re wild about animals, there’s nothing quite like a zoo. Luckily, FPL SolarNow has partnered with four zoos across Florida, meaning there’s a solar safari waiting near you. The whole family can see live animal feedings at Brevard Zoo, visit the only tropical zoo in the continental U.S. at Zoo Miami, meet zookeepers at Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens and see endangered species up close at the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society. Along with thousands of exotic animal species, each of these locations also offer the chance to see solar energy up close through solar trees and canopies.

Sea Solar Up Close

After your solar safari, dive deep into the many wonders of our oceans and freshwater ecosystems at your local aquarium. This includes a three-level center at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, where you can marvel at sharks, touch stingrays and explore the watery worlds of South Florida. At the Cox Science Center and Aquarium, you can get up close and see some of Florida’s most beautiful native fish and coral reefs.

Both locations also offer the chance to meet “Sunny,” an interactive animated solar tree that shares facts about solar energy and can be accessed through your phone or mobile device at one of our solar arrays onsite.

Promote Energy and Wildlife Conservation

Wind down your wildlife adventure with a chance to learn about the importance of good stewardship. Few places do that better than Loggerhead Marinelife Center, which dedicates its nonprofit center to sea turtle rehabilitation and ocean conservation. Visitors can learn about these unique creatures, “adopt” a sea turtle and enjoy some shade underneath a solar tree.

Another great option is the Palmetto Estuary Preserve, which contains threatened habitats and native birds such as the snowy egret, little blue heron and roseate spoonbill. The largest park in Manatee County, nature lovers can park under a solar canopy that feeds clean energy back to the community.

Preserving our Wondrous Planet

FPL’s solar energy commitment is also a commitment to our planet. By taking steps forward today to safeguard our natural world, we can help ensure it is protected for future generations.

One way FPL has supported this effort is its extensive work with manatees. Manatee Lagoon, an FPL Eco-Discovery Center®, offers a chance for the whole family to see manatees up close and to learn about these fascinating creatures. In recent years, FPL has also been instrumental in feeding events at Cape Canaveral, which help manatees facing food shortages. Through efforts like these and further awareness, we can ensure these gentle giants are here to stay.

Another way FPL SolarNow encourages conservation of our planet is through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation’s Energy-Saving Trees Program. Each year, this program gives away free trees and provides a tool for calculating where to specifically and strategically plant trees for the greatest energy-saving benefits. This year, SolarNow participants can reserve an energy-saving tree from April 3rd until May 28, while supplies last.

Whether you’re out walking under green trees, sitting in the shade under solar trees or marveling at the wildlife, we hope you’ll join us in our commitment to taking care of our incredible planet.