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With this map you can locate FPL solar energy projects throughout Florida, including our FPL SolarNow tree and canopy projects, FPL Solar in Schools and FPL Universal Solar Energy Centers.

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We are always looking for new, innovative ways to bring more solar to our communities. We’re excited to introduce our latest addition to the range of solar structures – solar trees – digging their roots in local communities everywhere. These artistic, clean energy structures seamlessly integrate into the landscape to create a unique space where you can interact with family and friends, and learn more about solar energy. And, depending on their location, the trees provide additional seating and serve as a convenient charging station.

Each solar tree and canopy will be branded with a unique identifier. Using our TEXT-back program, visitors to SolarNow installations can receive:

  • Updates about partnerships with host locations.

  • Opportunities to give input on other potential solar tree and canopy locations.

  • More information on the FPL SolarNow program, including how to enroll.


Featured SolarNow™ locations

Thanks to the support of the dedicated customers like you, solar energy systems have been installed or are under construction at the following locations:

Give the gift of a cleaner tomorrow

For $9 a month, or about 30 cents a day, FPL SolarNow is an easy way to help bring clean solar energy to our communities, giving the next generation the gift of a cleaner tomorrow.

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