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Together, We’re Bringing Clean Solar Energy Closer

The sun is a big part of what makes Florida such a beautiful place to live, work and do business. And, we’re committed to keeping it that way by advancing the use of clean solar energy.

Thanks to the support of dedicated customers like you, we’re bringing more solar energy into our communities such as solar canopies and solar trees. These solar energy projects are providing shade and generating emissions-free energy to the power grid that benefits all of us.

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Don’t forget to take a selfie next to the FPL SolarNow project. Tag us at @insideFPL on Twitter or @FPLConnect on Facebook and use #FPLSolarNow for a chance to win a fun prize. One lucky winner will be chosen each month.

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Find an FPL Solar Energy Project Near You

With this map, you can locate FPL solar energy projects throughout Florida, including our FPL SolarNow tree and canopy projects, as well as FPL Universal Solar Energy Centers.

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