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May 20, 2018

Three Ways FPL’s SolarNow is Changing Florida

FPL SolarNow

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At Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), we’re committed to changing the current. Part of that includes FPL’s SolarNow™ program, which has begun to change Florida in more ways than one—and all for the better!

With the help of voluntary customer contributions from dedicated participants, we’ve been able to execute over a dozen projects across the state in places like Port Canaveral and Zoo Miami.

Our innovative solar trees and canopies help generate clean and renewable energy for our communities. We can all recognize that this is a good thing, but how will these efforts change Florida for the better?

Even if you know exactly how solar energy works, you may not be aware of SolarNow’s positive impacts. Here are just a few ways we’re changing the Sunshine State and beyond.

1. Helping the Planet

FPL has been leading the expansion of solar energy in Florida for more than a decade. Currently, we’re in the middle of one of the largest solar expansions ever in the U.S. – adding 3.5 million new solar panels statewide in the last two years alone.

We know that this type of energy offers many benefits. But really, its use battles two things:

  • It eliminates the use of fossil fuels, which reduces air pollution significantly
  • It eliminates the use of water to help create energy, which substantially decreases water pollution

Lastly, solar energy is renewable. The sun produces 173,000 terawatts of energy every second, more than 10,000 times the world’s total combined energy use, and it can be used time and time again.

2. Helping Your Community

Our program brings the power, benefits and artistic appeal of solar trees and canopies into your neighborhood. Through our devoted partnerships with zoos, museums and parks, our goal is to have a SolarNow project accessible within a short driving distance of every Florida region.

From canopies over parking areas and walkways to eye-catching trees, these projects showcase solar energy, educate the community, provide shade and generate emissions-free energy to the power grid that serves all of us.

Guests and patrons of the community will enjoy the aesthetic allure of the solar trees and canopies while being prompted to learn more about the importance of solar and how to get involved.

3. Helping Customers

As solar power is generated at each location, the energy is distributed to the community, helping power local homes and businesses.

Today, FPL’s typical residential customer bill is the lowest in the state, and we’re always looking for newer and better ways to save our customers money. In addition, by joining the SolarNow program, participants are entitled to an array of exclusive perks and offerings from our partners, including invitations to local events, free and discounted access to local attractions, and free e-gift certificates to local restaurants.

How can you get involved? For just 30 cents a day, you can join other customers who are helping to support the development of solar energy projects in local communities. Enroll in FPL’s SolarNow today for your chance to be part of the change!