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March 07, 2018

FPL SolarNow™ Continues to Grow Along Florida’s West Coast

FPL SolarNow

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Florida Power & Light Company is excited to announce that two new partners on Florida’s west coast have joined the FPL SolarNow™ program—a network of zoos, museums and parks that have become educational experiences for people of all ages to learn more about the benefits of solar energy, made possible by customers like you.

Solar Energy Arrives at the Naples Zoo

The Naples Zoo, a nonprofit organization cooperating in conservation programs locally and around the world for endangered species, now features a 200-kilowatt solar canopy, generating clean power and showcasing the benefits of renewable energy.

With its innovative design comprising 600 solar panels, the solar canopy is the largest to date!


The canopy acts as shade for your vehicle while generating clean, emissions-free power

At FPL, we’re all about fueling energy for the future, so we partnered with an organization that shares our vision for conservation while inspiring guests to learn more about the importance of solar energy.

The Naples Zoo joins Brevard Zoo, Zoo Miami and Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society as partners with FPL’s SolarNow™ program. It is our sixth project in Southwest Florida.

We admire the Zoo’s passion and commitment to inspire the community to care about our wildlife and world. We invite you to visit the Naples Zoo canopy to see how we’re growing in communities across Florida! 

City of the Future, Babcock Ranch, Embraces FPL SolarNow

As you might know, our state-of-the-art canopy at Naples Zoo are made possible by FPL SolarNow™ program participants, and we’re only just beginning to bring more solar energy to the Southwest Coast of Florida.

For example, nearby in Punta Gorda, an innovative new idea is underway at Babcock Ranch. This new town is powered from the ground up by solar energy, and FPL SolarNow trees are a key feature throughout the community. The solar trees at Founder’s Square and other neighborhood parks are a focal point for solar energy education, while also serving as charging stations for residents to power up their handheld devices.

Babcock Ranch is the first fully solar-powered community in Florida

Additionally, FPL transformed more than 440,000 acres of land, donated by the town’s founder, into a universal solar power plant. With more than 330,000 photovoltaic solar panels, the FPL Babcock Ranch solar energy center generates clean energy for the community every minute that the sun is shining.

Babcock Ranch is the first new town where solar energy production exceeds the total energy footprint, and we’re proud to be a part of it.


How Can I Get Involved?

You can get inspired yourself by visiting these locations or other local organizations that have solar installations throughout the state. Discover more FPL SolarNow™ projects with our interactive map.

Every day, we’re forming new partnerships that will expand the reach of FPL SolarNow. With your help, we can do even more. Not a member yet? All you have to do is sign up. Let’s work together to bring even more clean solar energy to Florida!