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November 18, 2020

There’s a New Solar Tree in Town

FPL SolarNow

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A virtual “talking” solar tree is making its debut in South Florida – let Sunny show you how the rays from the sun can be turned into solar energy! Through augmented reality and 3D imagery, you can learn all about how solar panels work and their role in generating clean energy to send power to homes, businesses and schools across Florida.

Today, you can meet Sunny at

…with more locations coming in 2021, including Manatee Lagoon, an FPL Eco-Discovery Center!

To make Sunny come alive, use your phone to simply scan the QR code on the sign found at the location. You can also type the URL into your mobile device’s browser to launch the experience. Sunny will deliver fun facts and an important message about FPL’s commitment to bring more solar power to Florida, including the goal to make the Sunshine State a leader in solar energy. When you visit, make sure to take a selfie with Sunny and share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #FPLSolarNow for a chance to be featured on our blog.

Solar trees, like the ones where you can see Sunny, are just one way the FPL SolarNow program is generating clean, renewable energy that is beneficial to the environment and the community. These innovative structures provide shade while harnessing the power of the sun to generate emissions-free energy.

If you’re not in South Florida, you can still witness the marvels of solar energy up close by visiting one of FPL SolarNow’s 60+ locations at parks, museums and zoos across the state. By placing our unique solar array projects front and center and creating interactive experiences focused on education, we are encouraging future generations to learn more about the benefits of solar.