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March 15, 2022

Are You a Solar Energy Expert?

FPL SolarNow

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How much do you know about solar energy? Learning about how it works, and its many environmental benefits can help prepare you for the future.

Put your knowledge to the test today by taking the quiz below or visiting Becoming a part of the solar energy revolution starts now!

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Now that you’ve taken the quiz, you’re one step closer to becoming a solar energy expert.

In addition to trivia, check out simple DIY experiment videos that teach you about the power of the sun and explore the 70+ locations across the state that have been transformed into living classrooms.

At your local parks, zoos and museums, you can see innovative solar trees and solar canopies to witness solar energy up close. At select locations, you can even meet our virtual “talking” solar tree, Sunny, who can teach you all about how solar panels work, and their role in generating energy.

If you want to continue your learning journey, FPL’s online Energy Curriculum offers even more hands-on experiments, labs and activities for students and teachers to explore step-by-step lessons to foster knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Be sure to check it out for more ways to increase your Solar IQ.

The Solar Revolution is Here

Solar is all around us. We are shining a light on the many ways solar energy is beneficial to the environment and the community. In addition to bringing unique solar structures into local communities, we are committed to installing 30 million solar panels across Florida by 2025 – five years earlier than expected, as part our ‘30 by 30’ plan – continuing to help the Sunshine State become the Solar State. Today, over 3.6 million kilowatts of zero-emissions solar energy are generated for customers by FPL’s 50 solar energy centers. That’s enough to power about 750,000 homes annually with clean energy.

We have long been committed to educating the public and future generations about solar energy, especially because there are many stimulating job opportunities in the fast-growing solar industry. In fact, the Sunshine State currently ranks third in cumulative solar capacity.

That’s why we’re also investing in education at local universities. The recently unveiled microgrid at Florida International University supplies backup power from a solar array in the event of a severe weather outage. Likewise, the University of Central Florida’s new microgrid control lab is providing engineering students with invaluable experience simulating and testing real-life grid control operations.

Florida has come a long way in its clean energy journey, and the best part is still to come. Together, we can lead the solar energy revolution – and YOU can join us.