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March 01, 2019

SolarNow Takes Root Along Florida’s West Coast

FPL SolarNow

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Known for its stunning beaches, charming parks and family-friendly communities, Florida’s West Coast is a jewel of the state. Now, it’s shining brighter than ever thanks to the FPL SolarNow program, which is enhancing popular community attractions with solar arrays.

From Naples to Apollo Beach, the West Coast is a shining hub for solar energy, with 21 solar arrays including new projects in Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte.

Solar trees and canopies are providing education, shade and even phone charging stations to residents and visitors up and down Florida’s West Coast, all while generating emission-free energy for the grid.

Next time you’re in Naples, Fort Myers or Sarasota — or if you live in the area — make sure to check out a SolarNow tree or canopy.


Naples is one of Florida’s most popular vacation destinations, boasting world class beaches, golf courses, restaurants, resorts and more. Visitors enjoying the ambiance of this serene town can now learn about solar energy thanks to two SolarNow arrays.

The Naples Zoo features a beautiful landscape with rare animals residing in tropical gardens that date back to the early 1900s. Start your day of family fun there by parking under our 200-kilowatt solar canopy, comprised of 600 solar panels.

Now let’s take the adventure up a notch! North Collier Regional Park is home to a state-of-the-art water park, Sun ‘n’ Fun Lagoon and athletic fields for a full, active day. Cool off afterwards under the shade of our solar canopy.

Fort Myers

SolarNow has made itself a staple of Fort Myers with solar arrays all across the idyllic beach community. There’s something for everyone! Families enjoying a picnic in the park can stop by solar trees along the scenic banks of the Caloosahatchee River at Centennial Park.

Is something interactive more your speed? Check out the Imaginarium Science Center. The science center features more than 60 hands-on exhibits for the whole family including animal encounters, a living lab and an aquarium. Visitors can get an up close and personal look at the future of clean energy with our two solar trees and solar canopy.

Let’s say you’re in the area for your son or daughter’s athletics tournament or summer camp. Stop by our solar trees at Roberto Clemente Park and canopy at Stars Recreation Center to step out of the sun and cool off in the shade.


In Sarasota, FPL teamed up with the Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida to bring two solar arrays to the community. Solar trees at the Girl Scouts Headquarters and Girl Scouts Camp Honi Hanta provide STEM-related education for its troops. Camp Honi Hanta name means “Home on the River.”

Complete with walking trails, an athletic field, archery range and swimming pool, the solar trees provide an educational component to the community family staple.

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Whether you’re from the West Coast, or anywhere else in the state of Florida, it’s easy to invest in clean energy across the state as an FPL customer. Learn more about the program and how just a small monthly contribution can make you a solar pioneer.