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December 07, 2021

Celebrate a Clean Energy Holiday with FPL SolarNow

FPL SolarNow

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Ah, the warmth of the holidays. Family gatherings, jingle bells, hot chocolate and colder (well, cooler, at least) weather. Holiday lights and décor bring feelings of joy, positivity and happiness – and that’s why many of us brighten up our homes with festive decorations each year.

To keep things even more merry and bright, FPL SolarNow is dreaming of a “green” holiday season! Solar energy is sustainable and renewable – meaning that we won’t run out of it – and now, there are even decorations that use this type of energy. Check out the below tips and ideas for ways to help reduce your environmental impact this holiday season while saving money on your energy bill.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to celebrate solar energy and the season!

The Power of the Sun Lights up the Night

There’s something magical about seeing the neighborhood lit up at night during the holidays. If you’re not yet using energy efficient LED or solar-powered holiday lights – you’re likely spending plenty of energy on lighting up your home.

This holiday season, make your home sparkle and shine with solar lights! The best part? They don’t need to be plugged in and don’t require an extension cord. There are also lots of solar-powered lawn decorations options like trees, reindeers, candy canes and more.

Once you’ve put up your own holiday lights, make sure to check out select FPL SolarNow locations to see our solar trees lit up in dazzling lights for the holiday season.


Zero-Energy Decorations are Festive, Too!

Remember, some decorations use no energy at all. Consider outdoor ornaments, wreaths and ribbons to brighten up your space without using any additional energy.

You can also create your own DIY decorations for a fun activity with the kids. For example, instead of snowflakes hanging from your ceiling or tree, create your own unique sun decorations – this is the Sunshine State after all. Simply take a paper plate or construction paper to make the center of the sun and cut strips of paper or use popsicle sticks to make the rays. Then, tie a string to the top and hang them all around your house for the perfect Florida winter wonderland.

In addition, this unique project by Smart School House uses solar candles that charge in the sunlight and glow at night to create a charming snow globe inspired by the North Pole. Snow globes capture the magic of winter – and even though it doesn’t typically snow here in Florida, we can still have a little piece of the season.

These activities are just a few ways to learn about and appreciate the world’s most important source of energy while celebrating its role in creating clean energy that benefits us all.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

One of the best parts of the holiday season is finding that perfect gift for everyone on your list. By enrolling in the FPL SolarNow program for $9 a month, you and the whole family can enjoy exclusive perks year-round including access to free events, as well as discounts from partner locations. In addition to supporting clean energy, you can get free tickets to Zoo Lights at Zoo Miami or Palm Beach Zoo to get everyone in the holiday spirit!

As part of the FPL SolarNow program, over 70+ locations across the state have been transformed into living classrooms where visitors can see unique solar trees and canopies up close to learn more about renewable energy. By educating the next generation about the power of the sun, we are committed to bringing to light the many ways solar energy is beneficial to the environment and the community.