LaBelle High School

4050 E Cowboy Way LaBelle, FL 33935

LaBelle High School, home of the Cowboys, is also now home to three solar trees turning the sun’s rays into energy that benefits the entire community. The school was founded in 1915 and has been accredited since 1921; in 1979, a new, larger school was finished in place of the former school buildings.
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Our solar trees are digging roots in local communities throughout Florida. These artistic, clean energy structures seamlessly integrate into the landscape to create a unique space for connecting and learning about solar energy. And, depending on their location, the trees provide additional seating and serve as a convenient charging station.

Each solar tree and canopy will be branded with a unique identifier. Using our TEXT-back program, visitors to SolarNow installations will have the opportunity to give input on other potential solar tree and canopy locations.

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