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July 16, 2018

Four Ways to Spark Interest in FPL’s SolarNow Program

FPL SolarNow

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The sun is an undeniable cornerstone of the Florida experience. Through the SolarNow™ program, we aim to continue using more solar as an energy source.

With the support of dedicated program participants and partners, we are bringing solar energy to our Florida communities. So far, we’ve been able to complete over a dozen solar projects across the state, with many more in the works. We’re also excited about adding new partners, including zoos, museums and parks equally dedicated to shaping a cleaner tomorrow.

Now, we’re looking to grow the program—and we can use your help! Here are four fun ways to encourage your family, friends and community to get involved with FPL’s SolarNow program.

1. Host a solar party

What better way to get your friends and family excited about solar energy than by getting up close and personal with a solar tree or canopy? Host your next BBQ, birthday party or special event at one of the many FPL SolarNow locations. With partners like Zoo Miami, Port Canaveral, the Naples Zoo and many others, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase the power of solar energy and teach others about its benefits, all while having fun at your favorite FPL SolarNow location.

SolarNow – Child at pool

2. Share a link to FPL’s SolarNow site on social media

With just the click of a button, you’re well on your way to making a difference. By sharing our site, blogs and videos on social media, you are already educating your network of friends, family and followers on the benefits of clean solar energy.

Passion is contagious. Bringing awareness to the need for renewable, emissions-free energy can help motivate more people to support a brighter, cleaner future for all.

And remember, when you post to your social media, use the hashtag #FPLSolarNow to join the conversation.

3. Attend one of our events and bring a prospective member

You didn’t think being part of FPL’s SolarNow initiative came without exclusive membership perks, did you? One of the best ways to expose a friend or relative to FPL’s SolarNow program is to show them what the projects are doing for the community. Luckily, this is made simple with exclusive access to FPL’s SolarNow events and discounted tickets from FPL partners.

By introducing those that are unfamiliar to our solar arrays, prospective members can understand the need for such practices. Most importantly, your friends and family can see why your contributions are so necessary.

4. Take a photo at a SolarNow project and share online

There’s no doubt that social media plays a huge role in spreading a message, and together, we can harness its power to educate others about FPL SolarNow.

So go ahead – take a selfie at one of our locations and share it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even just your group chat. Not only will you look like the next social media influencer at some of the hippest attractions in your town, but you’ll also advocate for a cleaner tomorrow among your social circle.

In addition, did you know that some of our locations have a text-back option? This means you can learn more about SolarNow and that specific location by texting the provided number.

Again, remember to use the hashtag #FPLSolarNow to engage with us!

Next Steps

FPL’s SolarNow program has just begun. We have plans in the works to bring more emissions-free solar trees, canopies and more into your communities.

If you haven’t already joined the FPL SolarNow movement—don’t fret. All you have to do is sign up. We’re confident that, with continued support from customers like you, a cleaner tomorrow isn’t too far away.