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February 07, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About FPL SolarNow™

FPL SolarNow

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At Florida Power & Light Company, we’re all about changing the current. And through the FPL SolarNow™ program, which is powered by the support of dedicated customers like you, we’re bringing solar energy directly into communities across the state.

Depending on where you live in Florida, it’s likely that a school or other educational facility, like a museum or a zoo near you, is either currently producing and educating about solar energy, or will be very soon – thanks to SolarNow.

But how does this all really work? Whether or not you’re an existing FPL SolarNow member, we’re sure you have lots of questions about the program, and we’re more than happy to answer them!

Here is everything you need to know about the FPL SolarNow program and how we’re helping move solar energy forward in Florida.

If there’s anything else you’d like to ask us, feel free to leave a comment on this story.

What is the FPL SolarNow Program?

The SolarNow program allows FPL customers to enjoy the benefits of 100 percent clean Florida sunshine in their communities, without the upfront costs of installing solar systems on their home or business.

As part of the program, we’ve partnered with schools, businesses, and local communities to create hundreds of solar projects across the state.

From solar canopies over parking areas and walkways to eye-catching solar trees, these solar energy projects showcase solar energy, provide shade and generate emissions-free energy to the power grid that serves all of us.

How does the Program Work?

For only 30 cents a day, you can join other customers who are helping to support the development of solar energy projects in local communities.

When you enroll in the FPL SolarNow program, $9 will be added to your monthly FPL electric bill.

The funds will go toward the construction of solar energy projects in local public areas, such as parks, zoos, schools and museums. The solar projects will then be installed, operated, and maintained by FPL.

The best part? Clean, renewable energy generated from these assets is fed to the grid and benefits the entire community.

What are the Program Benefits?

The solar structures will help to educate and promote solar energy in our community while bringing solar generation to Florida.

In addition to the environmental benefits, they are aesthetically pleasing and attract people to visit –generating awareness and helping to educate.

What are Solar Trees and Solar Canopies?

As luck would have it, we have a whole blog post about this very topic!

What are the Environmental Benefits?

The advantage of solar power is that no pollution is created in the process of generating electricity; it is environmentally the cleanest energy. Solar energy is sustainable and renewable, helping to protect our environment.

Solar energy is also a flexible energy technology, which means solar power plants can be distributed among our communities – benefiting everyone.

It does not pollute our air by releasing carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide or mercury into the atmosphere.

Therefore, solar energy does not contribute to global warming, acid rain or smog. It actively contributes to the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Where are they Built?

FPL SolarNow creates its various solar projects—parking canopies, solar trees, walkways and more–within a network of zoos, museums and parks across Florida. We strive to keep our structures in local areas that are open to the public, highly visible and viewed as a community asset.

You can discover where are projects are located via our interactive map.

How do I sign up?

Customers can sign up to participate online, by logging in with their FPL account and then selecting “enroll.

Once enrollment has been confirmed, the program appears on a participant’s FPL bill as an individual line item, one billing cycle later. The line item will be a $9 charge for Voluntary Solar Program.

Participants can also view and pay their FPL bill at any time by logging in to

The best part? As an FPL SolarNow member, you also get access to exclusive, free or discounted events and tickets, alongside being a legitimate advocate for innovative solar energy in Florida.

How do I Track Progress?

Each quarter, participants will receive a newsletter to keep them updated on solar project progress, including the amount of electricity produced and all that FPL is doing to advance affordable, clean solar energy in Florida.

Additionally, participants can to go to the program website for updates at any time.

Can I Cancel My Participation Anytime?

Participation is completely voluntary. You can cancel online or by calling at any time, with no penalties.

Why Does FPL Need My Help?

FPL has long been a leader in clean energy and is committed to advancing the use of solar energy in Florida. We need your help to do even better.

FPL is in the midst of one of the largest solar expansions in the U.S. and already has 14 major solar power plants and numerous other universal solar installations across the state, with an expected 10 million more solar panels to be installed by 2023.

We’ve also installed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at more than 100 sites across 23 counties to give students and communities hands-on experience with renewable energy.

The FPL SolarNow program provides for customers who care about preserving and protecting the environment, but may not have the ability or desire to install their own solar systems.

The program is an easy way to support the development of solar energy projects in local communities. Your monthly contributions help us bring to life the innovative construction of solar trees and canopies in our network of zoos, parks and museums across Florida.

Ready to join SolarNow? Sign up today to help bring even more clean solar energy projects into our communities.