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June 25, 2020

Bring Solar Energy to Vibrant Life from Home with FPL SolarNow Coloring Pages!

FPL SolarNow

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It’s our collective responsibility to protect the future of the planet for younger generations and teach them about the power of solar energy. FPL SolarNow has built more than 100 solar trees and dozens of solar canopies across Florida in part to do just that, and we’re now bringing SolarNow directly to you so your family can add some color to the world—all from the comfort of your home!

With FPL SolarNow’s downloadable coloring pages and a little imagination, the entire family can experience a beautiful day, the shining sun and our signature solar trees without leaving their desk or easel. The pages are inspired by the many parks and zoos that our solar trees and canopies call home.

Once your child is done with their work of art, snap a photo and post it on Facebook or Twitter to show off their masterpiece with the hashtag #FPLSolarNow! You can also tag @insideFPL on Twitter or @FPLConnect on Facebook when you share it. The artwork will then have a chance to be featured on FPL’s social media channels and an upcoming blog post on the SolarNow website.

Check out our FPL SolarNow downloadable coloring pages here!